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I'll be the one taking your picture, trying to make you laugh with my jokes, obsessively fluffing your train for every photo and fighting back tears as you share your first dance with your forever best friend.

For starters, I love what I do. I've always been the girl with the camera, you can ask any friend I have. Growing up, I always brought a camera on youth group retreats, family vacations, Friday night football games and even to school just because. I've always cherished capturing and preserving favorite moments in my life, and now I get to do that as a job for YOU! There's literally nothing better.

When I'm not at a photoshoot or editing the day away, I enjoy hiking out west, taking a stroll in through my neighborhood on a nice day, hanging with my husband, baking and building the most amazing homes you've ever seen in the Sims 4.


Thanks for stopping by, friend!

I'm Jenna, your photographer, cat lover, chipotle aficionado...

Cherry blossoms


My kittos




Shooting film


a few of my favorite things...

Tokyo, Japan

Who doesn't love traveling?

Southern Utah

Who doesn't love traveling?

Washington State

Who doesn't love traveling?

Great Smoky Mountains

Who doesn't love traveling?

New York City

Who doesn't love traveling?

The Big Island, Hawaii

Who doesn't love traveling?

Southern California

Who doesn't love traveling?


Which is why I think it's so important to hire a photographer who cherishes those moments for you and is ready to preserve those memories as they unfold.

Weddings are the best day because you have all your favorite people in the same room together

I wholeheartedly believe that