December 12, 2016

Jeff + Rachel | Altadena Valley Presbyterian | Birmingham, AL


Oh happy day! No really… the Dzugan wedding was a fantastic day. First off let me set the scene by saying the weather was AMAZING. There was a nice chill in the air, which I’m sure all the boys appreciated in their dark suits! This was my second wedding at Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church and I still can’t get over how cute and quaint the little white church is!

Rachel was absolutely glowing in her wedding gown. My favorite part was the lace top that she buttoned over her dress. Let me take a moment to comment on how special of a moment Rachel putting on her dress was. As she was getting everything buttoned and tied Rachel’s sister (and awesome MOH) Bekah started to cry, which of course made the sweet bride cry as well. Rachel’s family is a tight knit crew so seeing her sister get emotional over how Rachel looked also made Rachel emotional! So sweet! In fact the day was loaded with friends and family. I think this ceremony was one of my favorites I’ve seen. The officiant did an amazing job of walking us all through Rachel and Jeff’s relationship. Being a friend of both Rachel and Jeff I could help but smile from the back of the chapel as I heard these words. Directly following a beautiful ceremony was a reception including lots of yummy fruit, a coffee bar and cake for everyone! That’s right, the Dzugan’s didn’t just have one wedding cake they had several to share with everyone! After the cake cutting, all of Rachel and Jeff’s friends joined them on the dance floor before sending them off through a sea a bubbles and cheers from loved ones.

Mr. and Mrs. Dzugan, as a friend it was an honor to capture your wedding day. You both are so kind and were friends to me during a time when friendship was needed and important. Your wedding day was a perfect reflection of not only your love to one another, but for those who surround you. I hope you enjoy this snapshot of your day! 🙂