April 17, 2017

Charles + Tina | Downtown Lakeland | Lakeland, FL


Everyone meet Charles + Tina! Despite the fact this engagement shoot is full of Lakeland goodies, Charles + Tina aren’t from Lakeland! In fact, they aren’t even from Florida, these two are New Yorkers. I know what you’re thinking, “then how did they even find you?” Tina and Charles came down to the Sunshine State to visit a friend who lives in St. Pete. After searching for places to stay, they decided staying a cute little AirBnB in Lakeland would be the best option. Back in December Charles popped the question, but with New York still being cold and icy, they thought it would be fun to get their engagement photos taken in Florida. I’m so glad they did too because it was such a pleasure meeting these two. Not everyone would be okay with climbing into a stranger’s car, but thankfully Charles and Tina trusted me to take them around downtown Lakeland. Before we started our shoot, the pair warned me they were “awkward in front of the camera.” Lets be real though, these two were freaking adorable!

One of my favorite things we got to do for this shoot was use the Mass Market color wall! About a month ago these fun colors were painted over the white brick of the Haus 820 building and as soon as I saw it was was itching to do a shoot there. Charles and Tina were the perfect subjects for the color wall especially with Tina’s fun, yellow dress. We also got to take photos around Lake Morton. I love this lake, especially at golden hour! It has the most beautiful backdrop of not only the lake, but the city of Lakeland as well. We can’t forget about all the ducks! There were definitely a few ducks that decided to photobomb some of the photos. With Charles and Tina not being from Lakeland, it was really fun to get to drive them around my small town and show off the intricacies of our downtown area. Here are some of my favorite shots from their shoot!