November 13, 2017

Victoria Bardega | Downtown Lakeland, FL



This is the beautiful Victoria Bardega! A Lakeland native who is so incredibly sweet! Victoria reached out to be on Instagram and asked if we could tag team on a quick shoot together. Victoria has a ballin’ Instagram feed and is passionate about blogging and being able to reach her followers with creative and interesting content. The goal of our shoot was to capture photos of Victoria that she could use on her blog and Instagram feed featuring the most fashionable outfit of all time. If there’s two things I love it’s stripes and open back dresses (or in this case, jumpsuits!) So needless to say I loved Victoria’s outfit choice. (Disclaimer: if I tried to wear this outfit and look this cool I would fail miserably and people would laugh at me, hence why I just take the photos…)

Golden hour was kind to us and so was Victoria’s BF who was so¬†sweet to drive us to our different shooting locations. Sometimes all you need is 30 minutes of time, some golden sunlight and a white backdrop to pull off a really awesome shoot. Glad to have met you Victoria and here’s to the collaborations to come!

Victoria Bardega | Downtown Lakeland, FL - Jenna Nicole Photography Victoria Bardega | Downtown Lakeland, FL - Jenna Nicole Photography