January 31, 2019

Gonzalez / Marquez Wedding


Remember these cuties from their Magic Kingdom engagement shoot? Well if you didn’t get your Disney fill then, you surly will now from Reina + Emmanuel’s wedding – it was Disney themed! Let me tell you, these two both looked like royalty for their big day! Their elegant wedding took place within the gorgeous ballroom of the Orchid Garden in Orlando. It’s amazing to me that in the heart of the bustling downtown Orlando sits this legit ballroom. It definitely poses quite the juxtaposition to the busy Church Street right outside – but it’s perfect that way.

I have to say the highlight of the day had to be Reina’s dress. She kept telling me within the days leading up to her wedding “just wait until you see my dress!” Seriously it did not disappoint. The custom made sleeves by seamstress Brígida DiBrigida were my favorite part. I so enjoyed capturing all the intricate lace detailing on the sleeves. But if that wasn’t enough the back of Reina’s dress was a jaw dropping as well! I’m a sucker for open back dresses (my own wedding dress even featured this dramatic element). And the back on this dress was as dramatic and romantic as ever. Seriously all the heart eyes – I went a little crazy on the bridal portraits (you’ll see). However, I can’t go on-and-on about this dream dress without mentioning the bride. A dress is only as beautiful as the woman inside of it and let me tell you Reina is a stunning woman inside and out! Her smile is infectious and she is not only visually beautiful, but the way she deeply loves Emmanuel and her family shines from within as well.

Now I want to highlight a vendor I got to work with: Patina & Petals! I’ve been following Sarah and her planning / floral company on Instagram for quite some time now. So when I found out she was planning and doing the florals for this wedding I was so excited to work with her! Sarah’s communication was so great before and during the wedding. She definitely helped make things run smoother and kept me in the loop on all decisions being made. Brides: get yourself a planner like Sarah and if you’re in Orlando then book Patina & Petals!

The reception really let everyone know that this was in fact a Disney themed wedding. DJ Justin from Soundwaves Entertainment had all the classic Disney songs playing while everyone enjoyed their catered dinner from Puff N’ Stuff. Even one of the treats from Jillycakes gave a nod to WDW with the churro flavored cupcake (which was quite tasty and nostalgic if I do say so myself)! Being a fan of Mickey Mouse myself I totally enjoyed the atmosphere and all the magical nuances that made this wedding undeniably Reina + Emmanuel’s. Here are my favorites from the day – I hope they put a smile on your face just like the one you get when strolling down Main Street at the Magic Kingdom 🙂