July 22, 2019

Ford / Myers Wedding


I’m going to have to jog my memory a little bit here because… surprise, surprise, it’s been entirely too long since I last blogged. I made a point to blog about our travels to Japan because it was super important to me. Travel is a burning passion of mine and I think it only grows fiercer each time I go some place new. So many places on my bucket list – not enough time! However I had weddings / shoots before and after then that I am planning to sharing on the blog!

First up: Abby + Zack’s wedding! What a special day this was. I shot their engagement photos back in the fall and eagerly awaited their end of April wedding. I had only been back from Japan for about 10 days, thankfully I beat the jet lag in about 4 – whew that could have been rough! This day was fun and it was so easy. It always helps when you get to team up with rockstar vendors though. Between my momma as the planner / event designer, Kaitlin and Jenna of A Cherished Bride on hair and make up, my brother Cole as the videographer, my pal Chris from Graingertainment as the DJ and my sweet photog friend Maddy as my second shooter, there was no way this day could go wrong. I always enjoy getting to work with the creativity that Maddy brings to the table when shooting with her. Cole and I have worked side-by-side at weddings for so long now we can basically work together with our eyes closed! So having the two of them by my side all day was a treat.

This couple is simply wonderful. I believe they are just the right amount of opposite of each other while sharing key similarities that makes them a perfect and balanced match. I’ve enjoyed watching their love story unfold from the sidelines and getting to photograph such an important chapter in their book of love is nothing short of an honor. I’ve known Abby for many years now. We share several memories together from church trips and events that could have us laughing together for hours. In the spring Zack started volunteering with our Children’s Ministry at church on Wednesdays. He and I now lead rec together and we have a blast! In fact this summer we’ve been doing a puppet show together every week for the kids – it’s been quite funny for us to hear the kid’s reaction on the other side of the curtain haha.

Sometimes shooting for people you know is hard. It feels that there’s a higher expectation that comes with photographing someone you know. I’ll feel like the work I provide has to be flawless because these are people I’ll continue to see on a weekly basis. With this can bring out INSANE nerves in me while shooting a wedding. However for Abby + Zack’s I felt so relaxed and at ease all day. Like I was just hanging out with friends, just being a little more bossy than I usually am – ha! And since delivering their gallery the pair has been so sweet and excited about their wedding photos – that kind of stuff warms my heart.

Enough from me- see for yourself Abby and Zack’s beautiful Lakeland inspired wedding through my favorite highlights!