June 24, 2020

Jessie + Steve


Hi, hello, it’s me – you’ve probably been wondering if I’ll ever blog again. Tbh, I’ve been wondering that myself! Blogging is something I use to absolutely slay but wouldn’t you know the older you get the less time you seem to have. Any one else relate?

Well here I am trying to break the cycle and today I’m sharing with you Jessie + Steve’s coastal, harbor side wedding at Oyster Bay Yacht Club in Fernanadina Beach, FL. This day was every bride’s dream day when it comes to the ideal setting for a wedding. Predominately taking place outdoors, the weather at in the 70s all day without a threat of rain in site – absolutely perfect. Plus the sunset over St. Mary’s River on the harbor was the most picturesque setting for bride + groom portraits.

I was a big fan of this venue. It’s a place that checks a lot of vendor boxes off of any couple’s list. This all inclusive spot provides couples with ceremony and reception site options, catering, and decor, table and chair rentals. And just as an added bonus, it’s absolutely stunning. Every corner of this venue has so much to offer. I was in no shortage of shooting locations for this one.

This wedding was super special because the bride and her family use to go to church with my family when they lived in Lakeland! I’ve always looked up to Jessie, she is one of those people who you question if they’ve ever done a bad thing in their life because they are just so kind and pure. Jessie’s family is an absolute hoot too, it’s always so great to see them all. I believe Steve is the perfect match for Jessie and fits right in with the Walters-Carlson clan! I know I say this a lot, but a huge indicator to me that a guy is completely head-over-heels for his bride is the way her looks at her. The way Steve looked at Jessie all evening melted me. One of the most beautiful moments of the whole day was when Steve first saw Jessie floating down the aisle towards him. I don’t think there was a dry eye on the whole bay.

And everyone knows I’m a fan of a dance party and this wedding’s reception certainly didn’t disappoint. Everyone was on the dance floor participating in line dances, conga lines and dance battles all night long. I love photographing electric receptions and everyone certainly “let their hair down” and had a great time.

This wedding was a treasure and I spent my entire 4 hour drive home that night with a smile on my face super pumped to get to work on this one. A casual 7 months later (lol…) I’m finally sharing it with all of you on the blog. And brides, if you’re interested in getting married at Oyster Bay Yacht Club, the 4 hour drive is 100% worth it to me to shoot there again, hit me up! For now, here’s a snapshot look at Jessie + Steve’s day!