May 27, 2021

Megan + Conor


Megan and Conor got married on a warm April day at The Adams Estate in Lake Alfred, FL. My favorite kind of wedding to shoot are the kind where the couple are truly relaxing and diving into the joy of the day. The Peters wedding was that kind of wedding. I applaud the Ashton Events team for constructing a timeline that allowed everyone to sit back, relax and enjoy the day.

A wedding day to relax and enjoy

The Adams Estate is a great venue for many reasons, one of which being lodging they have right on site. These beautifully decorated houses sit right next to the estate and serve as a perfect location to lodge a wedding party for the weekend. It also was the perfect “home base” for the day while everyone got ready. Over in the girls house they jammed out to pop music while sipping on mimosas and over at the boys they relaxed while taking in slow sips of whiskey. I loved how everyone had time to just enjoy every minute instead of rushing off to the next event of the day.

The details

The day had several personal details represented. Sadly, Conor’s mother passed away a few years ago but the Ashton Events team along with Megan and Conor made sure that her presence was still in attendance. By the ceremony site there were a handful of wooden pews reserved for family. Conor’s mom’s name, Debrah Meredith-Peters was written on the pew up at the front with a delicate rose placed underneath. Perhaps one of the most beautiful things about Megan and Conor’s relationship is the way Megan has walked with Conor through this season of his life. She even gave Conor one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever seen given on a wedding day; a handkerchief with a message to Conor from his mother stitched in her handwriting. These small, but significant details are really what made Megan and Conor’s wedding day theirs.

There were several other beautiful details represented throughout the day. Megan and her bridesmaids bouquets were very spring-forward and colorful. Expertly crafted by the Ashton Events floral team, I absolutely love how the colors from the florals pop in every photo. The tabletop design was also a winner. The soft blue table linens from Marilyn’s paired so well with the floral centerpieces and fun blue depression glasses from Treasury Rentals. In fact all the tabletop rentals were from Treasury Rentals – who always has the best rentals in my opinion! Those details along with the chair rentals from A Chair Affair really brought the whole room together. The room looked so romantic during the reception with all the candles lit at once. The dessert station was also very fun. Beautiful cakes and cookies baked and designed by J’amie Cakes sat upon adorable wooden swings. They made the desserts look all the more tantalizing!

The attire

Everyone was dressed to the nines on this day too. The girls were glammed up by A Cherished Bride, Megan herself had her hair and make-up done by the talented Aubrey Beauty. I loved the choice of the mismatched bridesmaids dresses from Birdy Grey. Half the girls wore a dusty blue color and the other half wore sage green. The colors together gave a soft, calming springy palette that looked incredible with the bouquets. Unfortunately one of Megan’s bridesmaids couldn’t make the wedding due to living overseas and COVID. That didn’t stop the other bridesmaids from making a cardboard cut out of her in her bridesmaids dress. She was practically there, it was hilarious. My favorite detail about Conor’s suit was his printed tie and pocket square. It had a dusty blue palm leaf print on it which really tied in well with the color palette of the day.

The reception

Everyone had an absolute blast at the reception! From The Adams Estate, guests made their way to Haus 820 to enjoy cocktails from Cob and Pen and a pasta and pizza dinner from Palace Pizza. Everyone had a blast dancing and singing their hearts out with music that’s always expertly played by DJ Chris Grainger from Graingertainment. At the end of the night Megan and Conor departed through the dancing sparks of a sparkler exit. Megan even wore a cute denim jacket that said Mrs. Peters on the back and a cowboy hat.

My second shooter Earnie from Werlostboys and I had the best time shooting this wedding! We wish Megan and Conor all the best. Here are my favorite shots of the day from the Peters wedding!