September 20, 2022

Rachel + Kyle’s Wedding


Rachel and Kyle’s wedding day was one of those days that reminded me why I love my job. If you asked me who my “ideal couple” was when I started photography I would’ve told you something about a couple who spent a lot of money on really pretty and cool things. Not so say having pretty things at your wedding is a bad thing and that you shouldn’t spend a lot of money – do what you what boo, it’s your day!

Anyways… I think if you were to ask me that question now I’d tell you give me more of the Rachel and Kyles of the world. Here’s why: the most important thing to them about this day was that they were deeply in love with one another and were just so freaking excited to get married.

And that simple truth was felt throughout the entire day through quite literally every moment that happened. It made me feel so incredibly honored that Rachel and Kyle chose me to photograph not just their “best day ever,” but what I believe they viewed as the beginning of beautiful life together. I enjoyed every single second of this wedding day, and it’s one that I won’t forget. Twenty years down the road, if asked if any weddings stick out in my mind, this will definitely be one of them.

I sat down with Rachel and Kyle early November 2021 to meet for the first time and talk about their wedding plans. They knew they wanted something intimate and didn’t want to have to wait several months to get married, so I got to spend a lot of time with these two between our first meeting in November and their wedding day in January. When I thought I was finished with booking events for the winter season, these two were the best surprise I could have asked for.

Rachel and Kyle’s wedding day wasn’t exactly your “typical” wedding day. For most weddings, a couple gets ready, they take photos with their wedding party and family members, have a ceremony with a cocktail hour and reception to follow with all their guests. Rachel and Kyle wanted to keep things intimate, but didn’t want to feel like their other family members and friends were getting the short end of the stick. So instead of a normal “cocktail hour” time, they opted to have coffee, appetizers and a cake cutting for about two hours so they really could get a chance to visit with all their guests. It was only after they were “sent off” by their guests through a lavender seed toss that we took bride and groom portraits. Portraits were then followed by a small gathering of just immediate family and their wedding party on nineteen61’s private rooftop. It was simply perfect, they got to visit with all their beloved guests while also getting to have the more intimate reception they were hoping for. It made the day feel so much more relaxed and less about “pictures” if you will. While yes we still did your typical wedding party photos and family photo combinations, when I look back on Rachel and Kyle’s wedding day, those aren’t the “meat” of the photography coverage from the day and I love that.

Anyways, enough of my babbling and my excessive use of quotation marks in this post. Here are the images I took from a very special day. Most of the photos are digital, but I’m happy to say there are some film photos sprinkled in as well, which I feel really matches the vibe of the day.

Probably one of my favorite photos on film from the day. Rachel wanted to hand write her vows instead of reading them off her phone, so sweet!
Also really like these images. I love how you can feel the giddiness exuding from Rachel as she looks down at her ring. And her veil? It’s a family heirloom! Rachel’s great-grandmother bought it for her grandmother’s wedding in Italy. Her mom also wore it on her wedding day and then Rachel got to wear it for hers. Not only a beautiful detail, but sentimental one too!
Rachel’s brother and sister-in-law had just had a baby so they were unable to fly down to Florida for the wedding. They did FaceTime into the appetizer’s hour though and we got to grab a quick photo everyone virtually together!
Both the cakes at the appetizers hour and the cake at the reception were homemade cakes baked by Kyle’s mom! They were delicious!

Vendors: Photography – Jenna Neal Photography / Coordinators – Daisy Days / Florals – Bloom Shakalaka / Hair & Make-Up – Stephanie Paul / Catering – nineteen61 / Getting Ready Location – Terrace Hotel / Ceremony & Cocktail Venue – The Loggia at Lake Mirror