November 2, 2018

Autumn Styled Shoot


New Year’s Resolutions, remember those? It’s almost time to make them again! But one of mine this year for JNP was to do stuff that scares me. I’ve become a big believer in the idea that sometimes you have to do things that are “scary” or “uncomfortable” in order to grow. I’m definitely still in the “growth zone” when it comes to this small business so I decided I wanted to do a styled shoot! That doesn’t sound scary, but fun fact about me: I’m a lot more shy than you think. Especially with people in my industry who are slaying the game. Sometimes I’ll feel inadequate connecting with vendors who have a big following and have been in business for quite some time. I let lies trickle into my head like they aren’t going to want to work with me or I’m not good enough to partner up with someone of that caliber. The devil likes to play with my head sometimes, but thankfully I serve a God who is bigger than that and can empower me to do the things that scare the bejeezes out of me.

With that being said, back in early September I began compiling inspiration on a Pinterest board for a fall styled shoot I wanted to make happen. I dreamed up a team of amazing vendors and knew I was going to have to reach out to them in order to make this happen. I put together my thoughts on a Google Doc and began reaching out to vendors I super look up to. I was blown away by the response. Everyone was not only down to team up, but enthusiastic about it as well. It was amazing getting to connect with the vendors I got to connect with– to get to know them a little bit better or even meet them for the first time. You guys will have to check out below the dream team and HIGHLY consider them if you’re a bride planning a wedding (or lets be real, any other event pretty much).

One of the coolest things about this shoot was seeing it come to life the day of. I had sat down with Heather Taylor of Taylormade Florals & Events to brainstorm ideas based on the inspiration document I had created. We had a lot of great ideas and spent the next two weeks constantly texting back and forth pictures of treasures we found that could work with our shoot and different ideas. I was so nervous about the shoot though at times I would have a hard time visualizing what our table setting was going to look like and was thinking to myself at times I’m no event designer, who am I kidding?! If it’s okay I’d like to brag a little bit, because our table looked BOMB. With the help of my amazing husband and parents and Heather’s son Corey we put together our dream fall table. Right before my eyes a beautiful table setting came to life. I’m so proud of all of us!

And on a personal level, when the shoot was wrapped and everything was returned, I was really proud of myself for conquering a fear and doing something super out of my comfort zone. I think the results this leap of faith yielded was worth every stomach turning, nervous feeling I had leading up to it (not to mention coming down with a WICKED case of bronchitis). The biggest thing I learned though: you need more than two weeks to plan and execute a styled shoot if you don’t want to feel like pulling your hair out… haha! After this though, I definitely would love to do more and maybe I will in the spring! For now, here’s some favorites from our Autumn Styled Shoot!