December 11, 2019

Taylor + Steve


At the time of writing this I went to go grab the link for Taylor and Steve’s engagement session and was SHOCKED to see I failed to blog it… what is wrong with me?! Okay, stay tuned for that to be added to the portfolio section of my website! Part of the reason why I’m shocked I didn’t blog about it is because I LOVE THIS COUPLE. They are a perfect example of booking a stranger to becoming fast friends by the end of it all. It’s crazy because it’s almost been a year since I met Taylor and Steve. I believe it was February earlier this year when we met up for the first time at Foxtail Coffee. At the start of our meeting I was having to text Taylor to explain what I was wearing so we could find each other, and at the end of our meeting the three of us were already exchanging hugs. Taylor and Steve are my kind of people. First off: they’re huge Gator fans, they did the fight song and The Boys from Old Florida at their reception, heck freaking yes. Secondly, they love Disney! Both Taylor and Steve work for the Mouse and have done great things for Disney World. If you haven’t ridden Rise of the Resistance at Galaxy’s Edge, you must! My girl Taylor was one of the expert engineers for the ride and it’s a truly beautifully designed one! Lastly, they’re just plain fun. During their engagement session we had the best time cracking jokes about weird birds and laughing out way around Lake Eola Park. Needless to say I was so excited about this wedding!

About a month after their May engagement shoot, Taylor texted me telling me that their original February 2020 wedding date was having to be moved to October 2019 because their venue was closing. Talk about panic! But Taylor handled it with such grace and still managed to put together a team of vendors to execute the vision for her wedding day. Even though her wedding planning period was massively cut down! I was very thankful I was still available for their new date!

The day itself was so great! Taylor and Steve’s friends are just as fun as they are. We had the best time wandering around The Ballroom at Church Street (R.I.P) and Church Street itself. Perhaps the most fun we had though was at the reception. I’m all about a wedding where everyone dances and let me tell you, just about everyone hit the dance floor for this one. SO. MUCH. FUN. In all seriousness though, I could tell that I got to know the real Taylor and Steve. Just listening to the toasts given to each of them, friends and family kept going on about how much fun, how kind and how great of friends these two are. Taylor and Steve, I’m thankful to now know you – please keep in touch and last but not least GO GATORS!