January 15, 2020

Aaron + Chris


I’ve been ITCHING to share this blog post with you guys! Chris + Aaron’s wedding was… dare I say… one of my absolute favorites of 2019. To be transparent about my process, I usually like to meet with my couples before their actual wedding day. Unfortunately, I live in Florida and well, Chris and Aaron casually live ALL THE WAY on the other side of the country in San Francisco! So meeting up before the big day wasn’t really an option. But you know what? I didn’t even matter. The moment I embraced Aaron on her wedding day I felt like we became fast friends. Her and Chris are the most laid-back, cool, and ridiculously fun people. And their wedding day could not have been a more accurate representation of that description of them.

For starters, I’ve said it on Instagram and I’ll say it again here, this day was the boho wedding of my dreams. From Aaron’s stunning Rue de Seine dress, to the eclectic tabletop decor and everything in between – this wedding was exploding with all the dreamy boho details! There was also so much color! Typically nowadays the trend is to have more a neutral color palette for a wedding, which don’t get me wrong is still so timeless and beautiful. But it was exciting to see how effortlessly Aaron coordinated a multitude of colors into her wedding color palette. A big way this was implemented was in the bridesmaids dresses. Every single dress was a completely different color and dress as a whole! From bright orange, to deep teal, to floral print, to mustard yellow and IT LOOKED SO DANG COOL TOGETHER. Seriously, having totally mixed-matched dresses look cohesive together is not for the faint of heart. But Aaron and her girls, killed it, and looked like colorful goddesses. Also I must shout out Aaron’s sister and MOH Jamie. Homegirl helped her sister make her bridal bouquet and the arrangements for the ceremony arch and WOW. I’m going to say something that might sound kind of mean: when brides tell me they’re making their own bouquets, I sometimes get scared. Only because arranging a bouquet takes time, patience and let’s be real… talent! I’m only assuming because there’s no way I could ever do it, haha! But when I saw Aaron’s bouquet for the first time, my jaw hit the floor. Jamie, have you ever considered a side hustle of floral arranging?? BECAUSE YOU SHOULD, GIRL.

Perhaps the most fun part about this wedding, was the date it happened on. Chris and Aaron chose to tie the knot on Halloween and totally took advantage of this. Instead of requesting guests to arrive in formal attire, they encouraged everyone to dress up in a costume (so freaking fun!) And let just tell you, everyone went all out for their costumes! So instead of a normal reception, Chris and Aaron basically threw the most epic Halloween costume party and everyone had a blast. It was even in the 40s that day and people still showed out in their costumes, regardless of what it was. That’s called dedication (and being a really awesome friend).

Speaking of friends, this wedding was in Birmingham, AL – a home of mine while I studied at Samford University and still the home of one of my best friends, Maddie! So it was a no brainer that I HAD to have her second shoot this one with me. I had the best time getting to shoot with her again (it had been far too long) and her talent is second to none y’all. I highly recommend shooting weddings with your best pals! So I want to show off our work from this epically fun Halloween wedding! Here’s to hoping to transports even you back to this fantastic day!