February 21, 2020

Barrett + Drew


The most beautiful, southern, classic wedding ever! It was a literal joy being able to be part of Barrett + Drew’s wedding day for several reasons. Let’s go through them shall we? For one, I love the city of Chattanooga. I think it’s a super cool spot, with cool things to do, it’s walkable, easy to navigate and sits at the foot of a freaking mountain. Those are all things this Florida girl can get behind. In fact, I’ve been saying that if I had  to move to a different city in the southeast, it would be hard not to have Chattanooga on that list. Secondly, the weather! Mr. and Mrs. Stanford tied the knot on Nov. 9th, which meant it was still FALL! And, it actually looked like it was fall! Another aspect this Florida girl loved. The nearby mountains were dotted with pops of red and yellow and there was a noticeable golden glow that really only shines during the autumn season. I wore a sweater, and didn’t get hot, it was glorious.

The main reason why it was so excited to be part of this wedding day is because I’ve known Barrett for quite some time now from college! We both attended Samford University in Birmingham, AL and graduated the same year. The funny thing though, I didn’t really become friends with Barrett until after we graduated! While we were in college I always thought Barrett was sweet, but I really only knew her from the occasional times we’d both be hanging out with our girl Maddie (one of the MOHs from this wedding!) Once we graduated, Maddie and Barrett became roommates and that’s when I really got to know Bartan (now BarSTAN!) better and I’m so glad I did. If anyone knows anything about the enneagram, Barrett is a two and she SHINES all the positive qualities that encompass enneagram twos. She has been a bridesmaid / maid of honor in several weddings, but November 9, 2019 it was her turn! I didn’t get to meet her now husband Drew until the actual wedding day, but it is so obvious how much he loves Barrett. Their first look together was one of the sweetest moments during the whole day. Drew was stunned when he saw how gorgeous his bride was. However the cutest moment of the day was probably during the ceremony when Drew wiped a tear from Barrett’s eyes for her. One of those moments where you want to audibly say “awww” when it happens.

The pair were surrounded by all their favorite people and had a straight up party that night dancing to the sounds of Young Hearts, an AWESOME live band. Seriously the cold couldn’t keep the tent from not heating up that night. Along with Young Hearts, Barrett did an amazing job curating her wedding vendors for her wedding day – especially her all star planner Casey from Soirees. If you’re a Chattanooga brides looking for an excellent planner / coordinator look no further than Casey. I had never been to The Homestead at Cloudland Station, but Casey was so sweet to send me over a map and walk me through all my options on where to take photos. She truly helped the day of run as smoothly as possible. Thank you Casey! Check out the rest of the amazing vendors above and here is a snapshot of Barrett + Drew’s big day! 🙂